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If you give a kid an egg…….

She’s going to want to sell it!  Who knew?

My enterprising six and eight year olds have both taken on animal care chores for our friends who are in Canada.  Our friends have several chickens, we have several chickens, ergo:We also had some assorted  other things left over from ripping out the garden for the summer.  As I mentioned earlier, my canning efforts have been thwarted by a broken wrist this year so I let the kids sell off the extra tomatoes, potatoes grown in the front yard and whatever else we could forage.

They were on a mission those two.  Nobody escaped without merchandise.  Wheeling and Dealing with the best of them, they sold every single last egg to our unsuspecting neighbors, most of the potatoes and lots of the tomatoes.  

My son even retrieved containers from the near homes to reuse for ” the next customers.”  We lasted about an hour in the heat and once the last produce went, they declared it a success and broke out the celebratory popsicles.I wonder if it will make chicken chores any more popular now that they’ve been able to cash out on all the hours of hauling feed and raking coops?  I have to say I am one super proud Mama today.  We come from a long line of salesmen and it looks like the tradition lives on!