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Little Suckers

Each of the four years we’ve lived here, we’ve had stellar crops of tomatoes.  Like the proverbial zucchini of New England, they were everywhere!  We would do drive-bys and leave bags on the neighbors’ porches.  I canned until my fingers were green!  We ate tomato sauce all winter off of those summer harvests.  Until this year when we wound up with blight, blossom end rot, weird water issues and lots of crazy mockingbirds pecking one bite and leaving the wounded fruit and now these little monsters have moved in:

Meet our friends the leaf footed stink bugs.  We garden organically and very rarely do I meet something that makes all the experts just shake their heads.  Sorry!  Nothing to be done about them.  Such a bummer.  The only help is to shake them off one by one into a bucket of soapy water.  Um, yeah, we have five huge(six feet tall) tomato plants groaning with fruit.  So don’t have the time to comb them for bug.  What do they do?  Stick their obnoxious little noses(proboscis) into each and every fruit until there are speckled, hard places on each one!

Some of this is undoubtedly blight related also, but still annoying to feed most of your hard work to the chickens!