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Nicole’s 40th Birthday dinner

I recently cooked a fantastic dinner for my friend Nicole’s 40th birthday.  She is my wonderful friend who showed up in our neighborhood at exactly the same moment we did and happens to have kids close to the same age as mine.  Add husbands who get along well and lots of shared interests of our own and oh happy day – we are all set for lots of good times!

She is also the one who got me interested in chickens.  I blame her entirely.

Since we both have a small chicken problem, I decided to have a “chicken themed” dinner for her.  Now, something you may not realize about South Texas and San Antonio in particular:  they are chronically and painfully casual about almost everything.  When I say, ” have a dinner” I mean pull out all the stops, hire a sitter, cook complicated tasty dishes that require days of prep, use different dishes for each course and wear your high heels darn it!  South Texas translation:  potluck in shorts accompanied by beer in bottles.  Kids optional.  Most of my friends kept telling me I was nuts but I maintained my “no casseroles” policy and guess what? I won:

We had a beautifully set table outside at my friend’s ranch.  Five courses of lovely, yummy food and lots of swanky dresses were involved.


My brilliant foodie friend Amy and I even came up with a custom cocktail in the birthday girl’s honor:  Tequila – because she used to live in the Yucatan, Elderflower and Lavender – because her flower problem is almost as bad as the chicken one, and  Citrus – because it’s South Texas and it’s HOT in June!

The Old Bird

1 shot Earl Grey Tea infused with Lavender

1 shot good Tequila – not Silver

1 splash Elderflower cordial

1 shot Simply Limeade – real limes optional – they’re TART down here right now

1 splash Grapefruit juice

Mix and pour over lots of ice!  Enjoy!