the pink pigeon

looking for the extraordinary in the everyday


I am Mama to two littles, gardener girl for most of my urban yardspace, crazy cook, canner, and foodie.  We have city chickens.  I also ride Mountain Bikes, do lots of crafty things and generally fit in something creative almost every day.  And on top of that, I commute to Dallas almost every week to work in a wonderful store as a visual merchandiser.

Why a Pink Pigeon?  Firstly it makes me think of my grandfather who showed and raced pigeons for many years.  Secondly, well, I definitely seem to stand out unintentionally in this South Texas city where I find myself these days.  I grew up and work in an industry that is all about making things beautiful every single day.  Pretty tables, gorgeous food, stunning people dressed to the nines.  Things should look good, smell better and taste stupendous – and it should look effortless while you’re getting there!  South Texas is generally about the comfortable, familiar and low maintenance.  We have settled in nicely to our little city homestead but that doesn’t mean I’m not conflicted!  I want to wear my stilettos to the same place you are wearing your cowboy boots and yes, I do often require lipstick while cleaning chicken coops.  Can I get dirty with the best of them on a mountain bike trail through the rocks and the cactus?  Yep.  Can I also have a lengthy discussion about the current trends in the interior design world and how to best translate them for your zillion dollar Christmas decor this season?  Surely!

Thus the blog: a place to talk about all of these things and more.  Looks like a bird, walks like a bird, coos just like the other birds but with a little extra glam!


One thought on “About

  1. This old bird loves this new blog!

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