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On the Road Again

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People always want to know what we do at these gift shows in glamorous places like Atlanta and Dallas.  Do we really just run around and shop all day?  Well, yes.  We do actually shop all day.  We buy for the holidays a year in advance.  We try to determine what the design trends are going to be and how best to represent them in our store.  We crunch numbers day in and day out; will it cost too much?  Will it fit in the shelf?  Is the freight too expensive?  How many should we buy?

But sometimes, amidst all the serious work, we will just stand outside someone’s showroom and laugh until our mascara runs down our faces!

Maybe I’ll get around to talking about design trends later; after I stop giggling.


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Mama, Farmer, Visual Merchandiser, Cook, Designer, Foodie, Mountain Biker, Creative, Inventive, Curious

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